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4 Classic Car Relaunches Transforming the EV Landscape

 Automotive History Reimagined as Electric

Classic cars have special appeal. They’re attractive, unique, imbued with history. But very rarely are they eco-conscious. That’s all about to change.

Recent relaunches are transforming the electric vehicle landscape. Fan-favorite classics are getting an EV makeover with incredible results.

Check out a few impressive examples below.

1. Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero

You might have caught the first electric Jaguar E-type in action if you watched Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in 2018. Experts retrofitted the baby blue 1968 model with an electric motor, which the company used to debut its conversion program.

Jaguar hopes more people will convert their classic cars into electric vehicles to keep them on the road. Those who convert their internal combustion engines won’t miss a beat, either. The battery-powered model reaches 62 mph in 5.5 seconds, clocking in at one second faster than the original.

Classic looks, current power

2. DeLorean EV

Who doesn’t spot pictures of the DMC DeLorean and get nostalgic pangs for “Back to the Future?” The iconic model was even available covered in 24-carat gold, but only a few lucky people could drive one for themselves.

The chance to rewrite history (and maybe correct some of the deficiencies of the original DeLorean) might be coming soon. The new DeLorean Motor Co. (the name was sold some time ago to new owners) plans to produce 4,000 Alpha5 EVs over the next five years. Its fully charged battery will carry you 300 miles while you lounge on its wool-lined seats.

DeLorean really gets to the future

3. 1970 Aston Martin Heritage EV

Anyone who loves British cars can get excited about the new Aston Martin Heritage EV. The electric-powered version of its 1970 model features a conversion kit with a battery shaped like a cassette. The battery will eliminate the standard 4.6 metric tons of CO2 emitted by gas-powered cars so you can drive without worrying about the environment.

However, if you find yourself missing the original 280-horsepower engine, you can swap the battery-powered one with its manual gearbox. Aston Martin assures consumers that conversions will easily happen at their dealership or an approved third party.

4. ECD Land Rover Defender 110

The classic square edges and straight lines of the Land Rover Defender can join your fleet of green vehicles in the coming years. Land Rover is retrofitting the ‘80s model with an electric motor design powered by Tesla batteries until the brand can launch its own electric battery. Every ECD will be a custom order, so you’ll get exactly what you want in your dream EV.

All-electric but all Land Rover

Watch for Class Car Relaunches

Several classic car relaunches are sweetening the EV landscape. We didn’t mention MG’s revival under new ownership or some of the smaller shops doing one-off conversions on classics like the original Ford Bronco. They’re changing what green vehicles can look like by reimagining the past. See if any could join your collection or become your first foray into sustainable driving.

Martin Banks

Martin Banks is the Founder and managing editor of Modded, where he writes about EVs, auto news and similar topics. Follow him on Twitter @TModded for frequent updates on his work!


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